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Podcast Audio Button

Click the play button on the audio player to listen a sample audio. This is a colorable, stretchable, extremely portable podcast audio player that you can use on any website

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Note: Apart from this, the software is loaded with other player designs that both look and work professional.

EasyAudioTools streaming audio software:


Adds audio via web audio players to any website(s) or web page(s).


Adds audio to dynamic websites, that is website developed with php, asp or aspx.


Adds audio to blogs. Wordpress, Blogspot or any other you use.


Adds audio to membership sites.


Adds audio to Content Management Systems (CMS) like Joomla, Mambo etc.

About us...

EasyAudioTools 1.00 was released in November 2004. Back then it was called "Webamp". Since then the software has been developed due to overwhelming response from our valued users. The current version is version 7. We are always updating our software from feedback received from our users.

Most of the new features are a direct result of feedback - if you want to see a feature included simply contact us and we will consider including it in future updates.

Multitrack Jukebox

A multiple file web audio player that streams multiple audios. We call it the multitrack jukebox.

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Note: Apart from the above player, the software is loaded with other player designs that both look and work professional.

Why you need audio on a website?


Information - Record one-off interviews or a series of interviews and stream them from your website. You can create and sell your own audio products easily - just stream them from your membership website with EasyAudioTools streaming audio software.


Musicians - You can list multiple audio tracks through a jukebox player and stream them from your website. No specialist hosting or additional software required... saving lots of money in the long term.


Coaching - Easily upload and publish your coaching seminars in streaming audio format from your website.


Marketing - An audio message on your sales page can increase conversion rates for your product or services. With EasyAudioTools, you can easily record your messages to keep your content page fresh with topical anecdotes and seasonal messages.


It doesn't matter what type of website you have, with EasyAudioTools you can add audio to your websites and benefit from our low-cost streaming audio software.

When I started using EasyAudioTools, the only thing that came to my mind is, these people are giving you an absolute value for your hard earned money. Shall I say this is underpriced? Good job Aritrim.

To your success,
Lynn Margo

Our software saves your hard earned money:


No monthly fees required - you only pay once.


No programming knowledge required - simply copy and paste code provided.


No need to hire a programmer everytime to build a audio player.


Tech support is just a click away.


EasyAudioTools can be used with HTML editors like Adobe Dreamweaver, Microsoft Frontpage to mere Windows Notepad for adding audio to a web page. Here is a list of mostly used HTML editors, blogs, site builders and CMSs used with EasyFLV.

Adobe Dreamweaver
Microsoft Frontpage
Microsoft Expression Web
EvrSoft First Page

Open Office
Serif Web Plus X2
Yahoo! site builder
Godaddy site builder
Parallel site builder (RV)

and many more..

EasyAudioTools supports all linux and windows webhosts. For those who want to keep their audios on a separate storage server like Amazon S3, CacheFly, Cotendo or Amazon Cloudfront, EasyAudioTools supports them all.

EasyAudioTools Streaming Audio Software
Add streaming audio to your website in just minutes!

Ver 7 build 0.0.1

Streaming audio Software Box


Win 98/ME/2000
Win XP/Win Vista/Windows 7

Download Size: 2.2 MB

This software adds streaming audio to your website in just a few steps. It generates the audio buttons or the multitrack jukeboxes, the required code to put on your webpage and relevant instructions for uploading files.

You can use this software to:
- host your own music playlists
- run your coaching seminars
- display user testimonials
- display interviews
- make audio blogs
- share family moments or just about any audio you want



Configures audio to start manually or automatically when the website loads.


Precision based audio seek control.


Loads of options like Auto Play, Audio looping, Volume initialization etc.


Packed with several professional looking audio player designs.


Supports all leading browsers on Windows, Linux and Macintosh.


Generates W3C validated code for search engine spiders to index and rank your content.


Contains chameleon player whose color you can set to match your website. (New!)


Single Buttons
Streaming audio Software Screenshot #1

Multitrack Jukeboxes
Streaming audio Software Screenshot #2

Benefits of EasyAudioTools Streaming audio software. More value for money!


Generates flexible HTML codes
On a PC it is compatible with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape, Safari and Opera.
On a Mac it is compatible with Safari, Firefox, Netscape, and Opera.

We have given three kinds of HTML code generation options to ensure 100% visibility of your audio on all browsers. All generated HTML codes are strict XHTML compliant.


Contains audio players in different styles
The software comes packed with audio buttons and jukebox web audio players in different styles. Most importantly, you do not need 2 separate software for web buttons and multitrack jukebox audio players.

The software also comes with a loadable player structure, that is when we make players of new designs you can load them onto the software without actually upgrading the software.


Saves expensive bandwidth with small file sized SWF players
Our software only uses 3kb - 4kb for the web audio players. This can make HUGE savings in bandwidth each month over traditional software. Traditional image based players can be up to 120kb in size and for every 1000 audio views, would require 120,000 kb or 120 Mb for bandwidth consumption. Our player would only use 3 to 4 Mb of bandwidth - saving your server's precious bandwidth!

Also, having such a peanut file size, the web audio players appear rapidly on your webpage with absolutely zero load time.


HTML Encryption
Encrypt your HTML to hide the real audio file URL. This will prevent other people from streaming your audios and eating up your bandwidth.

Streaming audio Software Feature Highlight #4


Built In Audio Recorder
We have provided you a built in quick audio recorder that is very simple to use and comes without any extra bells and whistles. If you want to record something off your computer or through your microphone, this would be the fastest option you would be having.


Built In Mp3 Optimizer and WAV to Mp3 Converter
A mp3 optimizer is provided with which you can convert your higher bitrate mp3 files to web compatible lower bitrate mp3 files. For example you have a mp3 that has a bitrate of 320 Kbps. Obviously this mp3 will not stream smooth and will break the audio when played over the web. With our software you can downsample this mp3 to a lower bitrate like 96Kbps or 56 Kbps and then put it on web for smooth streaming.

This optimizer also converts WAV files to Mp3 files.


Help and Support is just a click away
You can access our support directly from the software. There is also an elaborated instruction manual for your quick reference.

Streaming audio Software Feature Highlight #8

Professional audio players that will give your website a personality!

A few of our single buttons to stream audio

There are many many more in the software!

Multitrack Jukeboxes

Please count on us!


You will be buying a software that has been rigorously used, tested and upgraded through 6 years.


4 software - Single Buttons, Multitrack Jukebox, Audio Recorder, Audio Optimizer for the price of one!


Friendly and personal customer support. We stand by our software.


Only $24.95!

EasyAudioTools 4 in 1 software Offer

Streaming Video Software Box

Buy EasyAudioTools for $24.95
It is an one time payment. No recurring charges.

Paypal and Credit cards accepted worldwide.

Free software updates for 1 year.

Free support.

Commercial license included.

Instant download + activation!

P.S. 30 days money back guarantee if the software does not work as
featured we will refund you money, no questions asked.

Easy to use and setup. I got my audio up and running on my website in 15 minutes.

Thank You,
Dave Peterson

I am dropping this email to you John (Tech Support) to let know your seniors that you are one of the coolest and fastest customer support I have ever come across. And I did not exepect an instant support on a Sunday. Too good to be true.

Your fan,
Simon Campbell

I have been using EasyAudioTools since ver 1.00. It was called Webamp at that time. Honestly speaking I never expected the software to be what it is like today. Hats off to you guys for working constantly on the software to add every new feature requested and remove every bug reported. For the price, in my opinion this is best audio product available around.


Paul Randall